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Our team is here to answer questions you have, open to ideas you may have, and helping you become an audio learner.

About Self Taught U

An Audio school? Tell me more.

There are lots of options to learn, we all use YouTube to fix things, we read content to keep up on our jobs, how to be a better parent, or follow our curiosity.  SelfTaughtU adds another option, audio.  Similar to a podcast, but it is about YOU, single topics, that you choose. While you drive, go for a run, relax on the couch with those noise canceling headphones, in the background while you build another spreadsheet.

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What's the best way to get Started?

We are glad you want to learn. The easiest, and cheapest, because it is free, is to follow our free feed.  As you enjoy it, you can then subscribe to content feeds you are more interested in. Or, even request lessons, OR submit them to help others.

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Managing Your Account

How do I Upgrade or Downgrade my subscription

Super Easy. Just tell us, we’ll give you credit you back the current month.

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How do I upload audio lessons I created?

If you are contributing as a public contributor, it is very easy, no account needed. If you want to earn a commission from lessons you submit, then you’ll want to create an account, then we’ll give you access to the contributor admin area.

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Can I get a refund for a purchase I didn't like?

Of course. Not every lesson connects with every listener.  There are two options for getting a refund, a credit for TWO lessons, or a direct refund to your credit card.

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